Welcome to iiCast!

iiCast is iiChan's PREMIER Shoutcast server. Hear.. uh...
iiCast - Tunes on demand!

iiCast is up most of the time. In the event that it is not, check the iiChan IRC Channel.

Unable to Listen?

iiCast is best used with Winamp Or iTunes. Windows Media Player users may experience issues. In the event the "Play Now" above doesn't work, and you are certain you have one of the recommended installed, there may be a file association problem. Try one of the solutions below:
Winamp: Copy the Play Now link. Right click the Winamp control window and select Play, then select "URL..." Paste the link in the window that appears.
iTunes: Copy the URL link as above. Click the "Advanced" menu in the iTunes window and select "Open Audio Stream...". Paste the link in the window. Bonus: Want to listen again? Just find the iiCast entry in your iTunes Library.